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Our History

Historic Maison De Tours was built by Robert Benson in 1855 on the site of Greig's Hotel, which had been operated by William Greig from 1807 until his death in 1842. The architecture features a part of the upper gallery, along with original wood railing. The building is directly across from the 3rd oldest church in Louisiana, the 'mother church' of the Acadians, St. Martin De Tours Catholic Church. Benson was from Boston and is credited with the architecture of several buildings in St. Martinville including the rectory of St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church and the Petite Paris Museum. 

Our unique venue, Maison De Tours, means House of Turns in French. It is our desire that it be your house on your special occasion, one rich in history and southern charm.

Historical Maison De Tours.jpg

St. Martinville itself is rich in Acadian, Creole, African, and Native American culture. It has been home to the Attakapas Indians, Acadian people, African slaves, and French settlers. Located along the winding Bayou Teche (Snake River), St. Martinville became prosperous from the steamboat trade that traveled the Teche. The city has also been known as Petite Paris or Little Paris by the wealthy Creoles and sugar cane planters of New Orleans who vacationed there in the summer. At that time, St. Martinville was known as a cultural Mecca with good hotels and a French theater which featured the best operas and comedies. The city is also the setting of Longfellow’s poem, Evangeline, the story of a betrothed couple, Evangeline and Gabriel, separated by the Acadian Exile. St. Martinville is the birthplace of Acadiana, the heart of Cajun Country.

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